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Red Tide

is a fast paced PC survival game currently in development by a small team by the name of Smore Hammer. As a lone survivor waiting to be extracted from a wharf by seaplane, players must dodge and battle mutated sea creatures to survive.

Smore Hammmer

Anthony DiDonna 

Jodie Guenther

Rita Barrueto

Zachary Mason

Zachary Millette

Zachary Richardson

Brandon Diaz

Chase Adams

Donovan Maholland

Emilio Alban

James C. Dalman



WASD or left control stick (gamepad) - Movement

Mouse or right control stick (gamepad) - Camera 

E or A button (gamepad) - Interact with things

R or X button (gamepad) - Reload

Left mouse button or Right trigger (gamepad) - Shoot

Left Shift/Spacebar or Left Bumper (gamepad) - Movement abiltiy

Also, please leave a post if you find anything that is game breaking! It will help us in our endeavor while we try to optimize the game as much as we can. 

Developed during UCF's Workshop 2017


RedTide.zip 232 MB

Development log